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Short interview with Olaf Arndt
Olaf Arndt is a member of BBM, observers of machine operators (Beobachter der Bediener von Maschinen).

Is the thesis of “ art as science – science as art “ of any importance for your work as an artist?

Technology is the future of art. As material, it has taken over from stone and paint in a definitive way. Science is its next content, just as Eros and Thanatos were for several centuries. Blending together, they offer a perspective on biotechnology. In this context, art receives its original definition once again: it is a critical reflection on the motor activity relevant to society. In “dangerous” scenarios (in Apollinaire’s sense of the word), our work as “observers of machine operators” (Beobachter der Bediener von Maschinen - BBM) has been ventilating the question of the meaning of production and the production of meaning for more than a decade. In our books, BBM concerns itself with the “interface artist-engineer”, with the German economy, with international plans in the field of nano-technology and with the relations between politics and research. What began a hundred years ago with the crazy machines made by the wine-grower Heinrich Anton Müller known as “art brut”, and has been cultivated in the interdisciplinary departments of art and science in the USA since the 60s at the latest, is now the pioneering robotics project which sounds out resistance potential in face of the practicality of full human mechanisation, revealing the information society as no more than cheap magic performed by marketing strategists.

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