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Art projects: "Roulette" of Lisa Schmitz
Description of the video installation

“In a darkened room 15 x 3 x 3 metres, a video sequence is beamed - in endless rear projection - onto the square wall facing the visitor as he/she enters.

Computer-manipulated texts from Genesis may then be seen as a rolling text before a background of orange/white graph paper.
When the visitor slowly approaches the area of the projection, a system of several consecutive sensors or surveillance cameras ensure that the colour, form and lettering of the videos changes into faster or slower sequences, s/w motion blurs and transformations causing the explosion of particles. This is based on sequences of images which I took in the underground, several kilometre long, ring-shaped tevatron-accelerator at the Fermi Laboratory.
In addition, a revolving disc - resembling a data carrier, made of yellow, blown glass and then sand blasted - becomes visible. The participles of numerous verbs are written on this in the form of a spiral. They characterise states of motion; rushing, stabbing, penetrating, hitting, racing, hurrying, staggering, flowing, dragging, banging, flickering, chasing and so on. In the process, the disc moves so that it is possible to perceive the words as such, but so that they can scarcely be read. At the same time, the spiral form has the effect of attracting our eyes magnetically, just as a tunnel would.

Finally, within the flow of images the manipulation of these impressions of motion becomes the theme itself, in the shape of manipulating hands. As a metaphor, they generate the exchange of energies as concrete action. In the process, the real shadows of hands overlay those hands depicted as something imaginary.

The activating of the final sensor (around 1 metre in front of the projection surface) triggers a last, absurd video projection of simple graph paper. This rigid projection - pointlessly - consists of 4500 individual frames. The 25/fps movement becomes a still; as a last imaginary sequence, the running images blend into the installation space, whose walls inside and out consist of stretched and mounted graph paper. Paradoxically, movement and immobility become one.”

Programme: Reading of Lisa Schmitz
RealVideo of the installation

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