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In the library you will find transcripts of all the lectures at the symposium "Art as Science - Science as Art" (pdf-format), audio recordings of most of the lectures, reading and discussions, individual audio interviews, and audio or video material by the artists (RealAudio/-Video).

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If you are searching for transcripts or audio recordings of events, you can select the title or the participants directly, or order a search to be made for key words in the title. On the page of results you will find links to the specific pages concerning the corresponding event or the participants, as well as links to the corresponding document pages. If you wish to search through the entire transcripts, you must first call up the relevant (pdf) document. For this purpose you will require Acrobat Reader. To use the audio and video data, you require RealPlayer (Basic).


The transcripts of the symposium lectures are available in both German and English, the audio recordings of contributions are in the language used for each lecture (mostly German), and interviews and artists' material are in the language of the interviewee or artist - either English or German.

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